Barista School

January 28, 2014

Barista School Training – How to be a Barista


Are you frustrated with servingbad coffees? Do you often get feedback that "your coffees suck"?Never quite learned the correct Barista skills to make a great double shotskinny caramel flat white or espresso? Then you should look at training at abarista school. If you’ve chosen to start your career as a barista, you’ll bepleased to know the world consumes over 2 billion cups of coffee per day. Thereforeexperienced baristas are typically in high demand and have great potential tofind work throughout the globe. This means training can be extremely useful inincreasing your chances of getting or staying hired.


If you are planning to start yourown café in the future and serve quality espresso beverages with latte art, lookingfor further training to advance your skills to make great cappuccino, or if youare a coffee lover wanting to learn how to get the most value out of your athome coffee machine so you can make tasty espresso, cappuccino or café latte, baristaschool at theAfricaBlack Espresso Coffee Bar in Sandton is the perfect choice for you.


About Our Courses


Entirelyhands-on, our barista school offers courses that cover all the fundamentalskills and techniques required to produce all the café-style espresso baseddrinks, to the World Barista Championship standards in a stress-free and funlearning environment, to fuel your coffee passion. Take a look at our baristacourses available:


  • Advanced Barista Course – this one day course is designed to make sure that you are comfortable with the equipment and the coffee. You will learn all about the art of Cappuccino’s, Espresso’s and the many extraction methods used.  Learn the art of coffee cupping, grinder settings, advanced tamping methods, advanced milk texturizing, advanced Latte art and troubleshooting.


  • Basic Barista Course – this one day course offers you anintroduction to coffee, espresso and cappuccino making.  It covers step-by- step espresso coffee roasting and tasting, espresso equipment and how to clean & maintain it, milk texturizing and menu demonstration.


  • Competition Training – the idea of entering a barista competition can be quite overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider: from where your coffee is sourced to what your menu will look like. Put your name down for our one-on-one competition training and let us teach you what you need to know.


  • Cupping Event – this course is designed for individuals, groups or company training. Learn the secrets of coffee with chocolate or whiskey pairing, coffee cupping and roasting. This course is great for those who wish to cater for corporate functions.


  • Latte Art Workshop – this workshop is designed to give you or your staff the information and training needed to succeed in today's highly competitive retail coffee market. This particular workshop will teach you all you need to know about basic espresso extractions, the various types of milk, steaming and texturizing methods. Finally, learn to master the basic and advanced tips, tricks and techniques of pouring shapes.


A goodBarista school such as ours will teach you the right skills to be able to finda brilliant job in an industry that is growing faster than any other despitethe current credit crunch! Contact Stil.Coffee today for more information onour barista school training and how to be the best barista in the industry.

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Coffee Machines

January 28, 2014

The Different Types of Coffee Machines for the Home


Lookingfor coffee machines for the home can be a fun experience, but only if you knowwhat you are looking for. However, if you don’t, then it is always worthexperimenting. With so many suppliers and so much choice, from percolators,filter machines, bean to cup, French press to single use coffee machines, how do you select the best coffee machine for your home needs? Thisarticle takes a look at the different types of coffee machines to help you decidewhat you need for your home.


·        Filter CoffeeMachines– these coffee machines are essentially the most popular kind of machines formaking coffee. With these you pour water into the chamber, add in the filterand then measure out your required grounds. Filter coffee machines are probablythe ideal choice if you take a number of cups each day. If you live with aseveral people who drink coffee this is the best coffee machine for a lowerbudget. The primary draw-back is filter style machines need a little bit ofcleaning. They will however be pretty affordable.


·        Bean toCup – these coffee machines can prepare one-hundred cups per day.In the event you have the space in your kitchen and really have been goingthrough new coffee machines at a worrying tempo due to overexertion, you wouldpossibly want to give this option major consideration.


·        FrenchPress – this is actually a simplistic system by which grounds areplaced in boiling water in your coffee pot. It's an appealing procedure towatch. The cafeteria requires a plunger system which keeps the coffee groundsin the pot and out of your cup so it’s possible to conveniently dispense yourfavourite warm drink. The full undertaking requires a few minutes for thecoffee to brew.


·        Single Use CoffeeMachines– as the title hints, this coffee machine can only make one cup at a time.  A fantastic option in the event you are livingalone and don't drink a large quantity of coffee within a short time. Theytruly are extremely quick, convenient and easy, as well as handy but somewhatmore expensive.


·        Cappuccino orEspresso Machines – theseare industrial looking machines that may be steam powered or pump andpiston-driven to create a very small and really strong cup of Italian coffee. However,mini-versions are now available for home use at more affordable prices.Designed for the more flamboyant espresso makers, these are generally slightlymore upmarket and high - priced machines. However, for the coffee addictwanting the whole works at their disposal they can be the most suitable choice.


Everyone of these coffee machine options will make the best brew to fit your needs;it is just an issue of deciding the best to suit your budget and requirements.In the end, preference is everything and there is enough variety in the marketto allow this. Just one last thought…no matter where coffee machines areheaded, or what your preference may be, just please do us one favour…enjoy yourcoffee! Life is too short for bad coffee!

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