Barista Courses

October 24, 2013

Enrol in Barista Courses and Learn How to Make Beautiful Coffee

Enrol in Barista Courses and Learn How to Make Beautiful Coffee


Ifyou are the type of person who loves the smell of fresh coffee and enjoys meetingnew people then you should consider looking into a career of being a barista.If you are looking for the best Barista courses in Johannesburg, then I suggestyou take a look at our affordable, professional barista courses at Stil.Coffee.


Situatedin Sandton, our state-of-the-art barista school features the latest equipmentand products, and a popular Sandton coffee hotspot, the Africa Black EspressoCoffee Bar for "real-life" hands-on practice. Our barista courses areideal for those who are just starting in coffee and know nothing except how todrink it. Our courses are also instrumental for baristas who have been makingcoffee, yet have never had formal training before, but most importantly, ourbarista courses give café employers the tools to continually up-skill theirstaff and set quality standards in their own cafés.


About Our Courses


Entirelyhands-on, our barista courses cover all the fundamental skills and techniquesrequired to produce all the café-style espresso based drinks to the World BaristaChampionship standards in a stress-free and fun learning environment to fuelyour coffee passion. Take a look at our barista courses available:


·        Advanced BaristaCourse –this one day course is designed to make sure that you are comfortable with theequipment and the coffee. You will learn all about the art of Cappuccino’s,Espresso’s and the many extraction methods used.  Learn the art of coffee cupping, grindersettings, advanced tamping methods, advanced milk texturing, advanced Latte artand troubleshooting.


·        Basic Barista Course –thisone day course offers you an introductionto coffee – espresso and cappuccino making. It covers step-by-step espresso coffee roasting and tasting, espressoequipment and how to clean & maintain it, milk texturing and menudemonstration.


·        Competition Training–the idea of entering a barista competition can be quite overwhelming. There aremany aspects to consider: from where your coffee is sourced to what your menuwill look like. Put your name down for our one-on-one competition training andlet us teach you what you need to know.


·        Cupping Event – this course isdesigned for individuals, group or company training. Learn the secrets ofcoffee with chocolate or whiskey pairing, coffee cupping and roasting. This courseis great for those who wish to cater for corporate functions.


·        Latte Art Workshop – this workshop isdesigned to give you or your staff the information and training needed tosucceed in today's highly competitive retail coffee market. This particular workshopwill teach you all you need to know about basic espresso extractions, the various types of milk, steamingand texturing methods. Finally learn to master the basic and advancedtechniques of pouring shapes.


AtStil.Coffee we believe in learning in a relaxed, stress-free environment, in afun and enjoyable way. We have trained many baristas who have been makingcoffee for years and still felt they learnt so much through our baristacourses. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to be a professionalbarista, and help you fulfil your passion for achieving coffee excellence. Butmost importantly, our barista courses prepare our students to enter theworkplace as a confident and professional barista. 

Coffee Roasting

October 16, 2013

Tap into Your Inner Barista with the Artof Coffee Roasting

Do you want to learn more about what it takes to roast excellent coffee? Just like cacao and banana, coffee beans are a tropical export that's created within the jungles of the third world in different conditions, such as climate, soil and elevation which all add to the different characteristics of the beans. Coffee cherries are harvested when they are ripe. Once the pulp is detached from the cherry, the kernel or bean that is left is dried. This dried bean is called a green bean and is ready for coffee roasting.


What is Coffee Roasting?


Coffee roasting is an important part of the coffee structure, and requires esoteric knowledge that brings forth the typical aroma of coffee by expanding the beans for that typical flavour and taste. Roasting coffee is the process of heating/cooking/drying coffee beans in a coffee roaster in order to transform the physical and chemical properties of the green coffee beans so the desired flavours and aromas of the final cup of brewed coffee can be achieved. Unroasted beans have similar caffeine as those that have been roasted, but what they lack is taste. Roasting has a huge impact on the taste of the coffee.


The Coffee Roasting Process…


Over the years coffee consumption has turned into a culture. For coffee aficionados coffee roasting is an art form that is fine-tuned over generations.The most fundamental variables in the coffee roasting procedure are origin,moisture content, maturity of green unroasted coffee beans and the weather in which the coffee beans are grown. In coffee roasting, timing is of paramount significance. The primary factor in determining roasting time is the type of roast required, and these can be generally divided into four types ranging from Light Roast to Medium Roast to Medium-Dark Roast to Dark Roast (Espresso).


What is more important to a roast-master, over and above the timing of roasting are the cracking sound, sight and smell to determine when the beans are roasted to perfection. Ideally the beans should be roasted in small batches for uniform roasting as the uniformity of size and colour of the beans is also central to perfect coffee roasting. After the roasted coffee is cooled, it is transferred to a cupping compartment for the elaborate tasting procedure to ensure the preferred aroma.


We’ll Teach You Everythingabout Coffee Roasting


Stil.Coffee is a speciality coffee roasting wholesaler that offers the finest quality of coffee, to coffee lovers who can distinguish between good and bad coffee. We offer the finest 100% roasted imported Arabica beans, as well as filter and espresso aromatic blends using the most sophisticated roasting methods.


A huge part of our business is teaching those that are interested in learning the art of roasting and cupping through our Coffee Roastery &Barista School in Sandton. It’s a fact that coffee made from fresh roasted coffee beans is second to none – nothing comes close to it. At Stil.Coffee we’ll teach you that the perfect bean together with the perfect roast makes the perfect cup of coffee!


Learn to become your own coffee roaster and barista; roast your own beans, serve up great coffee and save pots of cash. Contact us today for more information on our superb coffee blends and affordable short courses and workshops, and get your Coffee Roasting on today!